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Date Day

July 15, 2012

Saturday became date day in a way that Perry and I haven’t had a true date day in a long time.  He went all out, knock my socks off day full of things he knew I liked, and it was adorable.  

In the morning we headed to the National Zoo, a place where I have been wanting to go forever!  It was supposed to be a nice, overcast day, not too hot and a low chance of rain.  This place is HUGE, we walked and walked and took pictures and oggled at the adorable-ness of the panda bears and Perry fell in love with the elephants.  




We made it through all the Asian exhibits, invertebrates, Africa and the small mammal house.  We walked around for so long that by the time we began to feel tired it was 4 in the afternoon and I was super thirsty!  


How adorable is the Tucan?! I love his and his puffiness.  



We decided the entire zoo was just too much to see in one day.  We didn’t get to see the orangutans, which have, literally, a zip-line over the zoo and I desperately want to see orangs flying overhead.  So we decided to rain check the rest of the zoo and come back next weekend.  Image 

Turns out, it was an amazing idea because we made it home just as the rain hit D.C.  So Perry and I sat inside in the air conditioning for a little while getting ready for dinner and part 2 of the date.

For dinner we headed to Mala Tang in Ballston.  Famous for their hot pot and, my absolute favorite dish, Mapo Tofu.  Man was it spicy!  Our waiter warned us that the Chinese spices they use are not normal spiciness but more of a mouth tingly numb spice.  I thought that as a spicy food lover I would be fine but I sat there absolutely sweating through my delicious, tongue numbing, mapo tofu.  


Then Perry took me to see Ted, which I’ve wanted to see since it came out.  It was nice to laugh and both enjoy a movie without worrying what type of movie to see, what genre, and discussion about chick flicks vs action movies.  

To end the night we went on an ice cream hunt to kill the Chinese fire in my belly.  We ended up with frosty’s from Wendy’s at 1am and it was glorious.  




June 27, 2012

I have a love hate relationship with D.C.’s metro system.  Most days it’s a hate relationship.  When I leave work and go to class I catch a bus which travels through DuPont Circle.  To a Cincinnati girl like me those words seem somewhat glamorous but oh my life feels quite different when staring out the window through the grease stain someone else’s face has imprinted before you.

It’s an odd balance, riding metro, a balance where I’m trying get to a place by a certain time when all of D.C. is moving in different directions around you.  It’s an attempt to sit completely confined to your seat, while avoiding awkward conversations and invasions of personal space.  It’s trying to get past the tourists before they clog the elevators, jump over their luggage to get to the door and get ahead of them before they block the exit with confusion of exactly how their ticket works.  It’s not minding being smashed into a small, confined, moving space with your face just a few inches from another persons and ignoring the crying and vomiting children whose parents bring them on public transportation.

Metro is a way of life I’m not sure I’ll get used to and it’s a daily struggle that I’m trying to be accustomed to via noise proof headphones and ignoring people.

Shrimp Scampi and Thrift Storing

June 25, 2012

I love my apartment in Arlington, I think it’s the perfect location for a newcomer to D.C. because it doesn’t have the insanity of the city but it only take 10 minutes to get there when you want to.  I love the farmers markets outside my Georgetown building and I love the thrift stores and Thai resteraunts.  


I did make Perry some awesome shrimp scampi which made me feel like I should be put straight onto the food network to meet my hero, Alton Brown.

I went thrift storing and got some shoes that I’m super excited to wear tomorrow.

And, of course, it’s never too late to take a night time stroll to the Air Force Memorial.  


Summer Swamp

June 22, 2012

It seems everyone has been touched by the heatwave that has been going across the nation the past few days.  While I am a huge fan of the official start of summer, I am staying safely inside the next few days to avoid the humidity and sweat. 

These are some of the saltwater taffy we picked up from Virginia Beach that Perry and I have been snacking on.  My favorite flavors are banana and watermelon.  


Weekend Away

June 19, 2012

Perry was in San Francisco all last week, leaving me very lonely and bored.  It’s amazing how dependent you become on someone after 4 years.  Well, I decided to plan a weekend at Virginia Beach this past weekend he came home.  Some friends from Cincinnati were vacationing there and I thought we could socialize, relax and hang out at the beach for two days.

So much for my planning.  Google Maps told me the drive would take 3 1/2 hours.  In reality it took us 7 because everyone from the Eastern Coast was trying to get to Virginia Beach with us.  It was absolutely miserable.  I consolated myself with thinking that at least if we got to the beach after lunch it would still be sunny.  We pooled into the hotel at 5.  At 5:15 I received a text saying they had shut the beach down because the waves were too rough.  Angrily, I thought then maybe we can lay out on the beach.  Outside the temperature was 75 and cloudy.  I almost died, we spent all the time and money driving and renting a hotel and this is what happens.

Saturday night we did get to spend with wonderful friends from Cincinnati.  We had a delicious seafood dinner and drinks, drinks, drinks.  Dinner and drinks was the highlight of the week in itself.  

On Sunday out friends headed back out for home and Perry and I lingered on, determined to get some sun.  We put on our suits and headed outside to grey skys filled with clouds and chilly winds.  I almost cried.  We walked around and had the most wonderful breakfast at the Seaside Hotel.  


We did go lay on the beach for about an hour, but the wind was too much.  I had thought if we suck around a while we would miss some of the traffic, but it took 6 hours to get home.  I almost self-imploded I was so mad.  

I loved seeing friends, but I would never do it again. Ever.  I should apologize to Perry for being an evil person all weekend.



Summer time

June 11, 2012

The heat is sweltering, it is definitely summer time in D.C.  To beat the heat I have taken to the roof to at work to get a nice breeze every once in a while.  Perry and I also hit up a food truck festival on Friday night.

For me, a Cincinnati girl, food trucks are as mythical as unicorns.  I see them on the food network channel all the time and have this lofty idea of what they actually are.  Asides from Athens, Ohio I’d never seen a food truck until I moved to D.C. So I decided to remedy that at the Truckeroo 

It consisted of about 20 different food trucks and drinks and music all down by the Navy Yard.  As you can probably imagine it was not as exciting as I was hoping. Perry and I ended up spending a ton of money for no food and we both left grumpier than we arrived and headed to PinkBerry for some dessert and cheering up.

 But I’m glad we went!

I’m trying to stave off boredom this week with Perry in San Francisco on business.  Very much looking forward to the weekend.  Virginia beach for the weekend (fingers crossed)!


6 Months

June 8, 2012

We’ve hit the 6 month mark for living in D.C.  It’s corny to say how quickly time has flown, though it has, and how much more I know about the city, though I do, and how much more I have left to try out.  

I’ve learned a few valuable lessons like don’t talk to anyone on the metro. ever. period.

Always pack an umbrella in your purse, no matter how much of a pain it is to lug around.  

True friends will always come visit you, no matter how far away you are.  

Living in a big city is not glamorous.  It’s expensive and time consuming.

Going over the Potomac every morning never gets old, and neither does the city skyline.

 It’s the little things that count, sometimes they are the hardest to stay focused on.  Especially after six months and all I really want is a week at home to see my friends and escape public transportation.  It’s been exciting and crazy and I have no idea where I’ll be in another six months, but I really like the idea of finding out.








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